Technological Educational Institute of Athens

Faculty of Technological Applications, Department of Medical Instruments Technology

Workshop on Bio-Medical Instrumentation
and related Engineering
and Physical Sciences



BIOMEP 2012 - Committees

Organizing Committee:

George Fountos, email:

Ioannis Valais, email:

Scientific Committee:

Pantelis Asvestas, email:

Dionisis Cavouras, email:

Dimitrios Glotsos, email:

Ioannis Kalatzis, email:

Maria Kallergi, email:

Nektarios Kalyvas, email:

Ioannis Kandarakis, email:

Panagiotis Liaparinos, email:

Georgios Loudos, email:

George Nikiforides, email:

George Panayiotakis, email:

Evangelia Patsavoudi, email:

Vassilios Spyropoulos, email:

Theodoros Tzavalas, email:

Erricos Ventouras, email:

Georgios Xirouchakis, email: